Tuesday, June 19

Moving back home

So life is not always perfect or well-planned. We supposed to live in HK for about 2-3 years, but now, after living here 1,5 year, we have to move back to Jakarta. In a sudden. That's what happened if you work in a company full of expats. Due to remanagement, in just 2 weeks, Toni had to be in Jkt to start working. Well, it's gonna be 2 more weeks till i leave HK. I'm trying to make the best out of it, going places I've never been. So I've been having trouble to update my dear blog, since my mom also came here (with my aunt) to replace uda as my companion till moving day, that also needed me to take them around. So technically, i don't have time to check the web. But, practically, I steal time once in a while, he he...

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