Thursday, September 28

Konichiwa Tokyo!

Moshi moshi. We're at Tokyo! Huhuhu, I was so excited!!! I mean, this is the second Asia city most wanted to visit in my list. JUst going off the plane my body giggled happily..... hehehe.

Toni was on a meeting here for three days. But we extended longeg so we could take a look around Tokyo. As usual, getting around with Toni is getting around independently. He's very different from my dad. My dad would take some time to study the city that we're gonna visit and tried to cover as many places as we can, take all the important city tour, as if we might never go back there. Toni... he would think a lot of her lil girl, won't take exhausting trip, won't take trip that would make him nausea... Seems like we're in a hurry yet the trip we're taking are trivial.
But anyway, I'm just glad I finally stepped my foot here in Tokyo. Yada!!!!!

So on the days on his meeting, we stayed at Hyatt, but on our own expenses holiday, we moved to Prince Shinjuku Hotel, hehehe..... so moved in and out of Shinjuku. Shinjuku is the central Tokyo. Thank god it wasn't too far from Shinjuku Station, where there's a shuttle bus to Hyatt. The airport was very far away, and we were also caught up by traffic on the highway.
Tokyo is a big city like Jakarta. It has a lot of districts. We didn't covered all the district, there are 23 of 'em. But we did go the famous districts, such as Shibuya, Harajuku, Ginza, Odaiba, and Shinjuku of course.
The only tour we took is to Hakone, is at the foot of Mount Fuji, where there are a lot of hot spring water, Lake Ashi -a popular tourist attraction- and Hakone Ropeway, cable car alongside the Lake which goes to the top of Mount Komagatake. We didn't hopped on to Hakone Ropeway becoz Toni couldn't ride it (he has a high phobia) and I couldn't ride it alone, leaving Wina with him. So we just enjoyed the hot spring. It's really fascinating how they design the hot spring, there are many kind of water; green tea, coffee, mud sea... or entertaining type; stream, slides etc.
Fashion is also something else to look at there. Either they are very conservative or very girlish.
Lots of barbiedoll lookalike in every corner of Shinjuku to Harajuku. What's also amazed me is how they just wear a short skirt in a very cold windy temperature. So fashion victims!
Another unforgetable experience is that we rode a Gigantic Ferris Wheel on a tranparent cubic. OMG, i couldn't move my head and body, and I was shaking like crazy. Toni and Wina ddin't seem to have trouble looking around, while I am dead-frost! I will never forget the feeling, and never ever gonna ride on any transparent thing in a high places. But the good news is, since then, I never had any high phobia in getting to very high places. How weird and lucky! hehehe....

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