Friday, January 19

Precious Moments

Just as what the title say, first of all i must tell you who Wina is. Full name is Jausha Winayla Dewita, born at Jun 4th 2004, Jakarta, produced by me and Toni as a gift from our hawtt honeymoon, hehe. The first two years she grew up between PI house and her mama's house, in Duren Sawit. Breastfeed her till 8 months, gotta stop coz of work 'bootcamp', i was isolated the whole month, missed her and her dad so much. I was no longer a full time mommy, the title goes to her grandma, mama. I worked as a PR in a national electricity company.

So many unforgettable stories, like on the day she was born i was enjoying Mcd in the morning. At 6 months, she fell from a 10 steps of stairs while playing in her baby wheel. She stayed in a hospital due to a virus just in her 7 months age, saddest moment. She had seasons of smile and laugh (one day it was giggling laugh, next months it was princess laugh!????). First word, first stand, first walk, first birthday, first run, first tantrum...... my very precious two years!

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