Sunday, January 28

Beijing Freezing

Beijing, is a huge city like Jkt, but more structured, cleaner, wide pathway and public transport friendly (that doesn't sound like jkt, eih?). We went there on Jan 4-7, already knew that the temperature is below 10. But what we didn't expect is the wind that made the current temp add -10.'s freezing!!

We went to the Summer Palace (get the idea why it's called SP, coz it's only beatiful if u go there on summer), Great Wall Badaling, Beijing Zoo, Temple of Heaven, Tiannamen Square and Forbidden City (huge..HUGE palace square). We went to some other park and palace, but those mentioned are the must visit. Too bad we didn't have the time to ride any hutong (a.k.a becak), and also missed the Great Tomb. Oh, but we saw a big mosque. Fyi, there's quite a population of moslem chinese living in the city, and we got to see some of em walking with their peci on.

Anyway, the most coldest time is when were at the top of Badaling. Man... we couldn't even stand straight coz the wind keep blowing us off our feet. And withWina in her stroller, we couldn't go strolling the wall up and down in stream stairs. So there we were, only made it for about 15 minutes on the Badaling Wall. Fiuhhh! Hands and feets r all frozen -almost had frozzbite-.

The only barrier is language. The people doesn't speak english. When we got in the cab from airport to hotel, cab driver didn't know our hotel. Apparently, they turned avery single word into chinese. Do you know what Hilton or Hyatt in chinese? I can't even say it! So, everytime we went out, we stoped by at the concierge to get the chinese writing for every place we tended to visit. Phew!!

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