Friday, January 26

Macau Watchout

Finally we stepped our foot in Macau, after living for quite a while in HK -as if we're such a busy person, hehehe-. By ferry, we went there with Mama & Pawo & we were lucky enough to get fist class lounge with normal price (thanx to our patience being a waiting list for earlier ride). I thought 6 hours in Macau wasn't enough to see all the sightseeing, but it was done in 4 hours. Wow! Macau was actually small -didn't expect that-. Well... we didn't cover all, just the famous attractions, and we didn't gamble nor shopped, so it pretty much done in 4 hours. We saw Portuguese signs everywhere, & they say that it's the official language (& Chinese), so we assumed the citizen can speak Portuguese. "No we don't. I think even the government officers barely speak Portuguese," said the driver. Shocking!

First we stopped by at the famous St. Paul's Ruins (this place is like "u r not in Macau if u don't visit this". Next to it is Monte Fort, that give a splendid views of Macao on top. Then the driver passed by a lot of casinos down town -huge casinos-. We stopped at one of the casinos just to watch a dancing water fountain in front of it, pretty. Macau museum is also inside the Fort.
----------- St. Paul's Ruins ----------------- Mont Fort ----------------- Macau Museum ----------

Then the driver took us to some temples like A Ma Temple, another one i forgot. But it was nothing compare to China's and Hong Kong's. Not interesting. Macao Tower is very tall, but it look similar with Auckland's Sky Tower, though Macau is taller. There's a bungy jumping nearby, I was so eager to try it, but it was on maintenance check. Not lucky!
---------- Garden ---------------------------------- Fisherman's Wharf ----------------------------

At the end of the trip, the driver dropped us at Macau Fisherman's Wharf. Naaaahh, this is the best attraction in Macau. It's a theme park that replicates Cape Town, Italy, and Amsterdam. Hehehe, at last Wina feel fun in Macau.

Overall, i must say if you are not gambling in Macau, the place is less interesting. But, it wouldn't hurt to visit just to take a glimpse of this beautiful man made city that offers mortality excitement.

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