Wednesday, December 19

Padang full of Adventures

So this is our first trip (beside back to HK) since we're back in Indonesia. After all the ups and downs from Wina incident. So Wina enjoyed her school, I enjoyed my new job, Toni also got held up in his work. We're going to Korea tomorrow for holiday season, but we got a chance to visit my parents hometown, Payakumbuh.

Payakumbuh is one of the city in West Sumatra. It's 1,5 hour flight from Jakarta to Padang, West Sumatra capital city. Then we have to take a car ride for 3 hours to Payakumbuh. The view is fantastic, the air is so fresh.

I seriously believe that I gained wight in Padang, but I don't wanna check it on the scale with my bare eyes. It's too hurtful. . Coz every time we dropped by at someone's house we have to eat. So the first the day in Padang, I think I ate about 6 times. My God!!! And then again on the second day. And everytime there's someone asking me if I'm expecting. Hiks, my belly was that big! Believe me!!
Wina & Ziko at Rumah Gadang

Along with my parents in law, me Toni & Wina had 4 days of fun and adventure in Padang & Payakumbuh, especially Wina. Actually only 3 days for me, coz I'm a lil tight up back in Jkt. There's a lot of her first time here. Like the first time to hold a kitten, touch a buffalo, ride a motorcycle, on a horse wheel carriage, etc. It was a great learning & experience for her. I'm glad we went there.

Touching a buffalo for the first time ----- playing at Nirwarna Beach, Padang
We visited a lot of relatives. The first night we stayed at my ancestor's Rumah Gadang (traditional Minangkabau house) in Talang Maur, a village in Payakumbuh. The air was so clean and cool, it was so refreshing. But we couldn't stay long because of tight schedule. Tante Ayu, Mutia, Mona and Om Ujang accompany us in kampung (village). Nenek Nismah and Mak Odang was staying in Nenek Rasyidah's house (dad's mom) till Lebaran. We also visited nenek buyut (Wina's great great grandmother) who seem to be healthier since staying in Payakumbuh with Om Yan and Tante Susy. We went around a lot. Visited a lot of relatives. Ate and ate and ate. Pheeewww, I hope my belly exploded.

On a horse wheel carriage in Payakumbuh ----- With Ayek's monkey in her home, Talang Maur
The last day, Wina had a friend. It's her cousin, Azra and Anshari. She was happier, screaming a lot, running around and a lot of smiles. So as a gift for her happiness that day, we took her to the beach, Pantai Nirwana. Almost nobody was there, so the beach was ours. The kids found a tiny steam, and for a while they were playing and splashing and owning the stream. Ah, it's a relax afternoon before heading back to rainy and busy Jakarta.
Anshari, Wina & Azra ------- Along the stream in Nirwarna


Anonymous said...

Nenek sekarang sedang di Dallas dirumah oom Nanda. Oom Nanda nanya kapan Puttie jalan2 ke Dallas atau Tony kerja di LN lagi? Salam dari oom Nanda dan tante Vita

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