Thursday, October 18

Wina's New Preschool

Wina finally started her school back. She had holidays for the whole 3 months (well, couldn't consider it as holiday, coz we're going back and fourth to the hospital due to her arm broke).

I remembered Wendy told me to put Wina to 5 days a week school coz she's the active school type. Well, she was right. So after her hand healed completely (2 months later after the accident), I put her in Teddy Bear Preschool that's not far for home.
Wina entered the school early October 2007. She was very anxious following the activities. Basically she's a shy girl, so took time for her to opened up & mingled around. But still not changing the old habit, she reluctant to squeeze in if I'm around, hahaha......
Anyway, this new school of her has a permanent program for every friday. It's the performing day. Every class (class divided by the range of age) are given certain time to perform any kind of stage art, whether singing, dancing, playing music, or rhyming.
Before Lebaran, they held a Lebaran Celebrating Performing Friday. Half of her classmates are Japanese, so this is some kind of festivities for them. The school also tried to make a universal Lebaran theme. I was hoping she would finally be on the stage coz it's already 2 weeks passed without her joining in. So I prepared my camera to take some lovely pictures of her on stage. But as you guess, till now Wina still doesn't want to go on stage. Well, at least I could get the Blue Bear Class Posing together...phewwww.

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aroengbinang said...

it's been a month already, how's she doing? hope she enjoys her new friends, the teacher and the new environment... salam.

Mar 27 2007