Friday, October 5

Wina & Mbak Rinda

It's been 3 months since we left Hong Kong. Yet, Wina still remember Mbak Rinda, our helper in HK that was so close to Wina. Wina was so close to her, although some of the other job wasn't done as I wanted, we kept her till the end. We won't get another 'Mbak Rinda' in Jkt, becoz our helper now doesn't speak English (although I taught her some simple word).
Wina still speak English here, I try to maintain it in her, so that she speaks it natively. While it's fun for her to communicate with us and watching English children TV programs, it's also a barrier for her in making friends, coz her cousins and friends at school doesn't speak English in conversation.
Life is never been easy. If I speak bahasa with her, it won't been long till she forgets her native. If I speak English, her bahasa won't be perfect till she get a formal education. Which one to choose? Can't decide....

Back to Mbak Rinda, She also won't get another Wina. No child is nicer than her in attitude. She's a fun girl to take care, right Rin? Wina has has been asking to go to HK. I wanted that too, but the amount of people going to HK this Lebaran holiday are CRAZY. All the flights are full, even the business class. We're still in the waiting list for both classes.

Anyway, she's married now, with the man of her dream. We wish you happiness ever after, mbak Rinda!


playingdrama said...

Just couple of ideas...

From what i have observed and witnessed so far (having lots of nieces and nephews), it is probably best to preserve her English by maintaining the daily conversation in English with her at home. Forget the social barrier for the time being.

As soon as she gets a formal education I am convinced her Bahasa will automatically improve, as well as the amount of her friends! Kids are easier to learn and absorb new things and to switch the language in a split second for a bright cute kid like her is a piece of cake (I have seen my nephew(s) did this regularly with German, English, or Italy, as well as Bahasa!)

Do consider also her future! would it not be a big advantage if she were able to speak bilingual (or even more probably!)?

however, they're just my thoughts though. At the end of the day you are the one who decides what suits her the best.. ;)

uTie said...

To Ragil:
I actually agree. Now that I'm working again, she spent a lot of her day time with her 'mbak'. And I amazed (& shocked) on how fast she picked up bahasa from her. Wow!
So now I can make up my mind, continue speaking english with her all the time.

Mar 27 2007