Friday, October 12

Lebaran this Year

Not sure how to describe lebaran 2007. Ramadhan (puasa) started from Sept 12 - Oct 12. I can tell one thing for sure, this year traffics are the worst I've seen in my life. Everyday, every hour, any road I take, I was stucked in jam somewhere. There's no smooth ride anymore.
This month i got a new job, Wina entered a new school with 50% of the kids are Japanese (I think I need to learn simple Japanese, hai'!), I'm joining a new health club (my tummy is my other nightmare, I myself can't even look at it, too booth!!#$*@^!), Uda wants to go haji, I'm having this thing for flower-decoration.... quite much happening around here!

Anyway, I'm thinking of trying the property business, but with my lack of experience, I'm not sure how it'll go. I know I have quite a good taste (well, not that bad) in home interior and stuff, I enjoyed the activities too... maybe I should just give it a shot! Like they say, 'Won't know how to do it, until you do it'. Aarrgghh, somebody please encourage me!

My dad's not around this year, work-travelling in Europe. Mom.... her house is quite far from ours, so we meet only once in while. My sis & bro... Rara is MIA, Kennet on the other hand is right here, staying here for a couple of nite. Uda's family are all here, there'll be a festive at Wina's kakek house. Another must visit is to Mak Odang's house, the elder of my big family. Hmm, no fun without my dad's around (most of my family lives in Jkt are from my dad's).
Another downside is, we wanted to go to Hong Kong at Lebaran holiday, but all the flights are fully booked since 3 weeks ago (I just can't believe that). I really miss HK, Wina too! Damned!!

Well, don't get my mood affect you. We wish you a forgivefull Ied, Minal aidin wal faidzin, Happy Idul Fitri!

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