Friday, April 11

Top 8 AI7

So, this is my favorite show.... ever. Year by year it's fun to watch all the contestant and i liked to see all the hype, the madness, the bitter. This year however, is more special to me, coz after all this year never liking some one in particular since Clay Aiken dayz, I finally star strucked on David Archuleta, the 17 years old boy that just captivated a lot more people with his voice. I actually have been pimping him since the audition, yet I wasn't move to put the vibe on my blog. And although I looooooovveeed his "Imagine" and "Smokey Mountain Memories", I was still not rushing to my blog and write about him. Incase you haven't noticed, I have been quite of laid back in updating anything lately, lol.
Anyway, this is the Top 8 AI group medley from Rent, Seasons of Love. I just so looove the song, and David Archuleta in it! Yay!

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