Saturday, May 10

Stand by Me, just purrfect!

Top 4 American Idol 7, Archie (I'm just gonna call him that from now on, cos David Archuleta is too long and there's another David in the competition, so just to make it clear) sang two songs, Stand by Me and Love Me Tender. I love both of them honestly, but between the two, it's more fun to hear Archie in an upbeat song. He hasn't been doing any upbeat in quite a while, well actually he did when they hit the big stage at TOP 12, but he was too nervous and he was carrying this big torch since his spectacular 'Imagine', and he forgot the lyrics. Poor Archie! I can imagine how he felt. I actually liked We can work it out. It sounded really fun.

Anyway, this is a big hit since he brought Shop Around down the house on Top 24. And he's quite a flirty here. Aawww Archie!

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