Wednesday, June 4

Wina is 4 years old today!!!

Happy birthday, dear Wina! *kiss kiss*

Our little baby has grown up quite fast......

We were committed not to have a birthday bash until her 5th birthday, so we just have a small celebration at school with her classmates. It's very different from her 3rd birthday where she cried during her celebration at her schools. I'm glad she didn't cried today... ooopss, she did it again! Just a little teary eyes from Wina watching he mommy recorded all her moves. That's okay dear, ever a major improvement sometimes need a step back.

Wina has gain a lot of skills and knowledges for the past year. Now she can write, talkative, mingle withe her friends, cutting & drawing are her favorite activities. She knows how to spell & write her name, she recognize all the alphabets, can write some of them. And she can count to 100, although she missed the 20, 30, 40, 50 etc. For that numbers, she would ask her mom to say it, lol.

You will always be our darling, Wina!! We love you!

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