Monday, March 5

April 2005 : Singapore

Hoho, Wina first flight. You can't tell she was excited or not, i didn't even think she knew what's going on... until the plane took off & most probably hurted her ears. But we were prepare! earplugs are on, baby!!!

This trip was actually a refreshing point 4 me, after i made it alive out of 'bootcamp'. And i got some days off before starting to work, and it's a long weekend, so we were all in for a vacation.
We went to Singapore Zoo (it was raining), the Botanic Garden (beautiful, but Wina was way to attractive hehe), swimming, and exploring Orchad Road. Usually i would rush in excitement for shopping, but with my new mommy body, i didn't have any desire or whatsoever. So my sis had all the fun herself.

There are a lot of interesting places to visit in Singapore, like Sentosa Island, Jurong Bird Park etc. But it's a short visit, the weather was uncertain. Another thing is i was carrying her through the day. Oh, she's heavy! but thank god i got a lot of helping back.
Aside of the raining, everything was great! hope to visit it again in the future n

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