Monday, March 12

Painting @home

Our apartment is at the 38th floor building on a hill. O ho, it's high! The view is spectacular. One side shows the sea between Hong Kong and Kowloon & tall buildings, the other side shows the mountain, peak and horse race stadium. At night, it's never too dark, & by day, u can see the eagle fly in front of u. It's just a tiny little house, with Wina's toys all over the place. She owns the house, haha. Anyway, she plays in her cozy room with tent, small couch and comfy bed surround. I usually spend most of the other time behind laptop, travel thru internet. But the place where it all happen: living room.

Wina has this thing for art. She loves painting, so everyday we have a small session to paint. I don't mind the house get a little messy, as long as she can be creative. It's not like u can't clean it afterward. She's a cleaner too. Wash your hands after you r done!

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