Saturday, March 31

Bad Face Day

I have been mistaken about my skin type all this years!! Wow! First, let me describe my face skin. It's very dry on the cheeks, fine lines, big pores, blackheads (komedo) on the nose, whiteheads (kaya jerawat putih kecil2), occasional breakout (jerawat), and acne scars (bekas jerawat). I thought I have a dry skin, so I always bought the skin care for dry skin. Anyway... 2 months ago I have this major breakout and my face hasn't healed since. I don't know what i did wrong, but it got really horrible.

So one sunny day, I stopped by at
Origins shop, and i asked the sales girl to examined my face. And she said I have a combination to oily skin. BUMP! Very far away from what I thought my skin type was. She gave me this whole range of products, starting from cleansing to moisturizer, that suits my skin. I didn't buy all of 'em (it can cost me a fortune), but she gave me samples to the ones that i didn't buy. Yippie! And it actually worked! Later on I went to Kiehl's & Biotherm, they gave me a better explanation. My skin is combination to oily but very dehydrated, and dry skin around my eyes. OMG was I WRONG! No wonder I always have breakouts. I was using the wrong skin care products. The only thing that worked fabulous for me back in Jkt was the green Ponds cleanser -which they don't sell here-. For others (moisturizer, foundation, etc..) I could never find the right one.

Since then i learned that it's very important to know my skin type & skin type can change depends on the season or hormones. Don't hesitate to go to the cosmetic counter (ngerti bgt..kadang males aja gitu mampir ke Clarins misalnya, harganya suka ngagetin, tp mereka nyediain konsultasi kulit gratis sebenernya), tell the sales girl what u think your skin condition is, asked her to diagnose yours, then let her show the skin care range that is suitable for you (psst, slalu cek muka SPGnya tanpa makeup mulus gak, krn mereka sbenernya dapet diskon/gratisan pake produk jualan. Kalo gak, brarti mreka pake merk lain &bagiannya dijual ato gak ngerti produknya. Kalo udah gini, mending ke kaunter brktnya). If you feel the price is too much, just buy one -they might give samples for the rest- (ato cuek aja gak beli), then buy something cheaper that has the same function. Still bow out (males)? U can always go online, almost every skin care range have their online consultation and it's absolutely FREE
(gw cek di i'net grupnya
Martha Tilaar jg ada konsultasi, tp lebih berupa tanya jawab, bukan diagnosa kulit).

I also think it's important for sales girl in beauty counter to know their client's skin and give the right products. They should all be knowledgeable. I remember I went to FANCL counter in Sogo Jkt, asked about my skin condition, i bought one of their products, but rather than smoothing it, it gave me more breakout. Another example, my mom skin -very oily- never gets better, even she uses some good range like Estee Lauder.

After 2 weeks, the result hasn't make a dramatic changes, but there are nice improvement. If not, Uda will raise his voice for what i have spent this last months for skin care, hehe...
(kapok kapok deh Uda, tp kan banyakan reviewnya drpd belinya kok).


Ragil said...

very educational and persuasive. advising people to check their skin regularly.. =))

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