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Nov 2005 : Europetrip part.1, Italy

Bonjorno! Wow, this was fun! We went to 4 countries: Italy, Vatican City, Austria & Germany. ITALY was a huge explore, even only in 3 cities we had so many beautiful spot to see. We went there on Lebaran holiday, for about 2 weeks. Coz of we were going to move to Hong Kong after New Year 2006, so Uda (aka Wina's dad) didn't come along. He wanted to celebrate Lebaran with his parents and family.

ROME. Beautiful city with the Colloseum, the famous Fontana di Trevi where you throw coins into the fountain while saying your wish; the Roman Forum, ruins of Roman; the Arch of Constantine; Piazza di Spagna, lots and lots of piazza there; Spanish Steps where you can sit, relax and look at all the people passing by; Vittoriano Monument in front of a big circle traffic turnover; and the Pantheon. No other word to say but beautiful.

Trevi Fountain

Spanish Steps

VATICAN. It's quite irony, we visited Vatican City on our Lebaran holiday.... BUT we were just admiring the country(?!!), which was just 5 minutes walk from down town Rome. Yes! It's a small country in the middle of Rome, just about 0.44 square kilometres, with around 600 citizens (wow!). Wina was having fun playing with hundreds of friendly pigeons there. St. Peter's Square, dome of St. Peter's Basilica -is said to be pioneered by Michaelangelo (man, i'm learning art history here, phew!) , and the attractive dressed Swiss Guard.

VENICE. My favorite. City in the middle of the sea. Piazza San Marco, Grand Canal, Rialto's Bridge, Gondolas, San Marco Basilica and Campeline, & the enormous Doger Palace. Window shopping was exciting here, coz they were selling things that you couldn't find anywhere else, like the Romeo & Juliet kind of masque, really really unusual designed clock, & jewelry i can't afford to buy, hehe...
Venice by Gondola

San Marco Square early morning

It was a short stop before we headed to Pisa. OMG, the buildings are all beautiful. We took some shots at Duomo & Campanile (big clock tower), horse riding around it. Then the driver took us to a spot where we can see overview of Florence. Nice! Ciao!!

Duomo @ Florence

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