Monday, April 16

Jumpa di Kuala Lumpur

Lama tak singgah ke KL. Long weekend, akhirnya kita dapat pergi ke Malaysia dengan Wina. Alangkah senangnya! Berjumpa sama Pawo, Mama, Datuk Saiyo, Maknet & ete', semua ada!......

Huahh, i don't think i can speak malay good, so back to english... Long weekend 5-9Apr, its public holiday in HK & there's F1, so we made a family gathering in KL. F1 is part of Uda's job, Pawo wanted to watch it live, the other just want to meet Wina and get together, so there we were.
We stayed at Boulevard Hotel, Mid Valley, nice... the room is minimalist design. Next to the hotel is this huge mall, Megamall. We went to have a look around, hoping to spot something eye catching.... Not!Apparently stuffs here are more expensive than in HK, so Shopping=Cancelled. Lots of changes in KL, it's cleaner and more neat.

Friday, Wina played in the Mall playground. After lunch we wnt to KL Tower, Petronas Twin Tower, lunch at Suria KLCC, in the afternoon Ma'net & Ete arrived, horray....
Saturday, around the city with Om Khilal & family. First stop to Putrajaya, the government city. Everything related to governmance, offices, courts, officers employees home complex was relocated to Putrajaya. Awesome! Then the guys wanted to dropped by at Sepang, to wathc the qualifications which the girls including me didn't have any interest. And it was so not fun waiting in the car, waisting time!After 2 hours of torture, finally we left to grab our late lunch (really late, it's 3pm). Struggled to find a restaurant, finally made the decision to eat at Sunway Lagoon, about 45 minutes from Sepang. OMG! We lost our appetite.

Sunday, Wina played again at the playground while we watched F1 at sepang! Phiuuuuhh, extremely hot in Sepang!!
Monday, we visited Genting Highland & Sungai Wang near Golden Triangle. There's a big theme park in Genting, so Wina had a blast there.
I ike KL, the city is very clean and lot's of nice palces to visit. To bad, a lot of the pictures take came from Mama's camera that she took it home to Jakarta. I only have some. So forgive me, Manet & Datuk Ci'in, i don't have your pics. Next time I'd like to go to the states such as Selangor, Malaka, Kota Kinabalu etc.


Toni said...

My dearest wife is so active and creative in developing this blog. when we are far apart jkt-hk, this blog is a loyal companion for me when i miss my beloved wina (and you, huney! hehehe)

hey - i looked skinny on the picture.. that's great.

semoga lekas sembuh ya dear... pilek mulu belakangan ini :-)

Kennet said...

Bertemu dengan Wina, Ni Puti, dan Da Toni di Malaysia buat nonton F1 Langsung di sepangF1Circuit... Wina seneng banget disana, sayangnya jadi rebutan semua orang, dari pawo, mawo, ete, sampe manet juga... dasar wina superstar... hahaha, Wina kalo dah gede mau jadi superstar gak? Biar masuk majalah kesukaan bundanya tuh(PEOPLE)!

Mar 27 2007