Sunday, April 15

Pawo's Birthday

Recently back from Kuala Lumpur, haven't had the chance to update new posts although it was a loooong Easter holiday here. But now I'm ready to start my engine again, hopefully. There's a problem with my computer, kept showing this stop error message, & i can't turned it off, it kept restarting. I did report this to Microsoft, and they said that this is caused by new hardware/software installation, which i don't recall doing any recently. OMG, maybe because of some viruses???! Anyway, tomorrow gonna bring it to doctor Sony, i don't want it to break down, it's my next best friend.

Well, Wina have this silliness thing for putting her undies on her head. Hahahaha.... and a couple of days ago we caught her on tape. Aaaand, today is Pawo's 53rd birthday.
Happy Birthday Pawo!!!

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