Monday, April 30

Happy Couple Saeed & Aysha

It was such a happy day for Saeed & Aysha. Finally they tied the knot on Saturday, April 28th 2007. We had a great party that nite, wonderful place, delicious dinner, excellent wine, nice music. Saeed is one of Toni's good friends from the company here. Soon they're gonna be moving to Pakistan after honeymoon, might not be seeing them again in HK. But we're hoping to see them again, either in Jakarta or Pakistan.. or any other places perhaps. Best wishes on the new exciting beginning for both of you, congratulation!


Peter Chen said...

Hi uTie,

Apa khabar? Kamu dari HK, Indonesia atau Malaysia?

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u T i e said...

Hi Peter,

nice to know you.
saya dari Indonesia, rumah di Hong Kong, suami sering ke Kuala Lumpur karena pekerjaan.
Terima kasih sudah dibalas.

Mar 27 2007