Tuesday, May 1

Just the two of Us!

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It's Labour Day holiday today. So Rinda (our helper) has her day off. Uda aka toni aka Ayah at Jakarta. That leaves just the two of us for the whole day. I woke up on the right side of bed this morning, feeling fresh and energetic. Wondering what should we do today, where we can go without having to bring her stroller.
First i thought of Lamma Island, i haven't been there: don't think so, poor Wina if she has to walk after 45 minutes boat ride & poor me if i have to end up carrying her. Then Tsing Ma bridge, it is said to be the longest road-and-rail suspension bridge with a main span: again no, coz it's just the two of us that means i won't be in the pictures and it's more beautiful to go there on sunset. Thinking and thinking, then we... i mean I decided for us to have a relax afternoon by the sea. So Central Pier here we come!

Central Pier gives a magnificent view of Kowloon or Victoria Harbour. With the uncertain weather HK have, so i grabbed our sweater just in case it get windy. After having lunch at Wina's favorite fast food in Times Square, she asked me for a lift ride, haha... so we went inside the Times Square panoramic lift to the 13th floor. Afterward, we jumped into the tram that took us to Central. Walked on the connecting bridge till we got to Central Pier. The pier is just in front of IFC, the tallest building in HK, which is also the airport express station. The weather was perfect. Funny thing, we went to the public toilet, as we went inside, tuns out t wasn't a seat toilet... you know the traditional toilet where you have to bent, and she cried out loud refusing to use it! haha... then we found seat toilet for disabled people, but the mood was gone. Total loss!
There are 9 pier with ferry destinations to all the island around HK. Pier 9 is the public pier, for some semi private jet, attraction ships, for sitting around, relaxing, and even fishing. We had fun today, taking pictures, running around, sitting down surrounded by the sea breeze and watching the ships come & go. Big hug to Wina, she's a good companion for walking distance, bravo dear!

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Ragil said...

Put, I really think I should say this.. Your daughter is unbelievably cute and gorgeous! =) you and your husband are a lucky couple to have her! =)

Mar 27 2007