Sunday, May 13

Discovery Bay Beach

I'm all tanned after today! But no sexy tan, just the malay skin tan, urghh... Today we head off to Discovery Bay/Dbay for a relax on the beach. It's about 30 minutes ferry ride from Central Pier. ON the MTR station, we passed by Disneyland Line which had a huge Disney Wallpaper. We almost couldn't leave coz Wina kept lying on the wall.We went down to the beach with Erica & her son Connor, and Annie. Last time she played at the beach was in Bali 2 years ago(OMG, that long?!!). Wina totally forgot about it. Didn't wanna get in the water, afraid of the small wave. Hah! So she just played with the sand, covering her leg... while Connor running around in and out of the water. Connor was so full of wet sands, Erica had to take off his undies. Hahaha, Connor rules! But i can tell, she's having fun! By the time we finished and i asked her to wash, she said, "No!" strongly, hehe. The weather was great, i would stay all day.

Majorly expats live in DBay, so i didn't see a lot of locals there. It's like we were in another country. Before we head home, we had mexican for dinner. Wina was running around with Connor. Lovely! I think we will go back to Dbay again, pretty soon.


chicha said...

uttie....can't believe that you're trully a mother now...


ojido said...

minta foto..i'm your wing man, remember?huahahhaha

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