Tuesday, May 22

Rainy Days in Jakarta

Last week was a long weekend in Jakarta, so we thought we go back to meet family & friends.... which we assumed wrong! My parents went to China, Dela to Lampung, and Eja in Bali. Phew! Didn't see that coming. Apparently people are also taking advantage for holiday in that long weekend. But anyway, there are still other people living in Jakarta. Spending time with Uda's family, my sister and my friends from college.

May is a special months for me. It's my birthday, Uda's birthday and a bunch of my friends birthday (made me realized people surrounding me plenty of them are Taurus). Another year added to my age, but this year didn't struck me more than last year. I passed my birthday with a calm reaction, hehe. Last year i felt so old... this year I was happy I finally pass another year. Confused? Well, only me who knows what that means. It's just something that got to do with what I'm going thru living here in HK. I'm very glad i met my friends on Saturday night. It's always great bringing back memories which we can laugh at together (although lot of the stories are about me & ayu, my true companion in the youth of wilderness, haha).

Rain showered Jakarta thru the weekend. But there was rainbow! Wina got pretty well acquainted with her niece, Salsa. FYI, they never get along before. Wina was a very shy girl, and she has this 'not playing with younger kids' thing . And because she didn't meet with Kakek & Nenek (Uda's parent) and Uda family often so she always pulled herself back, won't be touched or play together or even cried. Now he can breath happily. We are all delighted!

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