Thursday, May 31

Kennet&friends are here!!!

Finally Manet (Wina's name for Kennet) visited us in HK. Kennet is my little brother. I was afraid that he's not gonna have a chance. He's a bit different. Anyway, we wasn't so sure that he's coming or not, becoz he didn't let us know weather he was gonna come or not..... until the last day!!!!! Uuuurrggghh, if only he's not my brother.....

Wina was so happy and shy to meet Manet, hahaha.... it was so cute to see her that way. I know that it's kindda rare to have the chance for holiday with friends, so i thought that Kennet & friends will make the best out of this trip. Unfortunately, i was wrong. So, the day they arrived, Saturday night, they went for a stroll around Causeway Bay. On Sunday, we went to Ocean Park. Monday, shopping from morning to 7pm, then tested our breath to get to Victoria Harbour as fast we could, which we couldn't. We were too late. Symphony of Light has already finished when we got there. But they had fun taking picture along the harbour. Tuesday, shopping from morning till the end of the day. Pheewww!!! Shop till you drop! What's with all the shopping? Like there's no tomorrow, or it's the last time going overseas. That's just too bad, trip with friends turned out to be trip for shopping and buying gift. There are so many places and attractions that they could go to, yet they didn't take advantage on that. I mean, it's not like you can take a trip with friends overseas as often as you are with your parents, right!?

Anyway, most of all i feel bad for Kennet, coz this is his first visit to HK and he's waisting a lot of precious time accompanying friends for shopping, while actually he could use his time for visiting The Peak or Ngong Ping, for instance. That's just an immature dependency, that i find a lot back home. It's gonna be a loooong time for him to step his feet back in HK. At least he had a one day with Wina from all the five days in HK....

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aroengbinang said...

i was once in franklin lakes wasting my time to accompany a friend for shopping, whilst at least it would be better for me to spend the time with other friend who offered me to see a football game.

there'll probably be next time, but we'll never know. time will tell.

Mar 27 2007