Thursday, May 3

Blake Lewis hawt on Bon Jovi night

I always love Bon Jovi songs. I grew up in the middle up 90's genre, but somehow I was very familiar with their song. There's just something about Bon Jovi, he's the greatest rocker ever! And i must say, it was an awesome Bon Jovi night in American Idol. I really enjoyed it! The top 6 sang their best, and brought out the best. My favorite song is Livin' on Prayer (badly performed by Jordin Spark), but my favorite of the night is Blake Lewis singing You Give Love a Bad Name. He's so talented, so different, so enjoyable. Hope he makes it to the finale!

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Kennat Darnel said...

Dude, he's ROCK!!! dia bisa nyanyiin lagu bonjovi dengan gayanya sendiri, itu mengubah image american idol yang pop banget... Blake Lewis Rocks the stage!

Mar 27 2007