Sunday, May 27

Cheung Chau Bun Festival

As the birthday of Buddha falls on May 24, so nobody went to work that day. So i spurged myself and intended to take part of the festivities, wondering how the locals celebrates Buddha birthday. There was a lot going on that day all around HK, birthday of Buddha, Cheng Chau Bun Festival, Birthday of Tam Kung (fisherman's saviour). Most of the temple in HK are called Tin Hau Temple. So don't be mistaken if you get to HK and want to visit Tin Hau Temple, there's more than one, from small to big. But the temples here are nothing compare to China's(i mean small). So if u ever visited China, don't bother to go to the temples here, a lot of better attractions to visit here. Even i didn't go the temple near Giant Buddha(we just took pics upfront). Talking about Giant Buddha, must be crowded there this time of day. But i preferred that we go to somewhere we've never been, Cheng Chau Island!
Cheng Chau is a small island that's about 1 hour slow ferry ride from Central Pier. As you get closer to the island, you can see modern dan traditional boats 'parked' in rows. It's a very beautiful view. Cheng Chau Bun Festival is an annual six day celebration of Buddha birthday that offers colorful event that hits off on May 24 where children & teenagers dressed as mythological figures, held aloft on hidden rods appear to float above the heads of the crowd. The parade starts from Pak Tai Temple walks around the villages streets and ends back to the temple where tall towers covered in sweet buns have been placed and towered. Ther are a lot of bun towers. Wina was excited to watch a historical Chinese play. It was very crowded that day, policemen were guarding all the parade streets, blocking the way to cross over. Heck, we were stuck in this tiny street no shortcut for almost 40 minutes. In the end we couldn't see the parade, with so many heads and umbrellas blocking the view. And the street was so tiny, u have to fight to get a peep. So enough with the parade, we went straight ahead to the temple where bun towers piled up. We could find and see buns everywhere. The only thing that can beat the amount of buns is the people. Loads loads of people all over the village, pheww!! Bun scrambling competition started at midnight, wow! that must be exciting.
Cheng Chau is a notorious fishing village, with clean & white sand Tung Wan beach, & delicious seafood eatery spread over the island. Found some very cute accessories in the local souvenir store. Definitely gonna be back to taste the beach and more shopping! Quote Wina, "Aah, i'm so tired i want to go to sleep!" Hahaha... it has been a loooong hot day, time to go home!

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Ayah Wina said...

Hi WIna!!
you are bigger than you age ya. Bunda wannabe yaa.
Love to see you eating rice like that, "nasi ajahh" ...

miss you so much

Mar 27 2007