Sunday, April 22

My laptop crashed!

Phiuuuuuhh, finally i'm back!!!
Last whole week i couldn't get online. My laptop crashed. It was so error, i couldn't turned it off, it kept restarting. I have to hibernate it to switch it off. So i brought my laptop to the store where we bought it, they fixed it, didn't tell me what the cause , except it's a virus (any dumb would know that!). I asked if i should avoid any installment, they said don't worry. So i installed all my softwares back, and it crashed even worse. I was thinking of fix it myself (i do have the manual), but scared of might made it worst, i decided to bring it back to the store.

Oh MFAH! They didn't do anything to it. I brought there at 1pm, called at 6 they said still not finished, called at 8 they told me to let it stay overnite becos they haven't done anything to it cos so busy. I stormed out!!!! They made me really mad. Just wanna rip that guy into pieces! & no way i'm gonna let my baby stayout even for one night coz that's not the deal. Did he think carrying laptop is not heavy??! I made it perfectly clear on my first visit that it's heavy, and i didn't wanna keep coming back, so fix it correctly. Which he didn't!!!
Urgghhhh, i just felt like eating him alive!Thinking that he's selling the most respected gadget brand, but not giving a satisfying service... So, althou i told him i'd come back next morning, i didn't. This time i was really determined to fix it myself. You just can't count on somebody else. & this is not something that's beyond my power, you just have to click, follow directions, & trust your instinct. So, i did it!!! If you can read this now, that means my computer if perfectly fine.

I've recovered it, updated it, customized it, et voila! But the price of it, it's a wider screen & smaller content (don't know how to enlarge the whole package -not just the font size- any idea?) & i can't install any ungenuine softwares. Hiks...hiks.... I have to remove my PS CS2, coz it started crashing back just after i installed it, & i don't want to reinstall the whole system again. PhotoShop CS3 is so expensive, no way i can buy that one, hiks hiks.... and it's one of the most important software ever. Bye bye bajakan!

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